The Planning Permission

Planning Permission for a hybrid application was approved in 2015 for construction of a relief road as well as up 1150 units, primary school and local centres including retail, community and employment use. The application was accompanied by an Environmental Statement, various technical assessments, two non-illustrative Parameter Plans and various illustrative Parameter Plans.

Site Opportunities

The key opportunities for the site, identified throughout the planning process, are the following:

  • Provision of relief road
  • Creation of a new town edge
  • Provision of land for primary school
  • Provision of green corridors lined by linear parks incorporating play equipment and sports pitches
  • Creation of local town centre for retail, community and employment use
  • Provision of central plaza
  • Integration with existing and proposed cycle and pedestrian links to a wider area
  • Enhancement of ecology and landscape (Supported by LEMP)
  • Affordable housing at 30% across the site

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