Approved Documents

Design Code

The design code provides design principles which consecutive phases must follow.

Environmental Statement

The Environmental Statement looks at the potential for environmental impacts following the development, while making recommendations on how impacts can be mitigated.

Parameter Plans

Two parameter plans were approved as part of the outline application for the scheme, the Landscape Plan detailing the major landscape features and the Land Use Plan which shows varying land uses across the scheme

Decision Notices and Section 106

Decision Notice Hybrid Application issued in March 2015.

Decision Notice Phase 1 issued in September 2017.

Decision Notice Phase 2a issued in November 2017.

Decision Notice Phase 2b issued in August 2021

Decision Notice Phase 3b Notice issued in December 2022.

Decision Notice Phase 6 issues in September 2022

Section 106 Agreement

The Section 106 was issued in March 2015, and is a legal agreement between the landowners (now Persimmon Homes) and the local authority which includes stipulations and agreements in order to mitigate impacts and provide benefits to the local community.

Additional Reference Plans

Master Plan

The Master plan was produced during the application for outline planning permission, and shows the main features of the scheme in its entirety.

Phasing Plan

The scheme will be carried forward in six phases with Phase 1 complete, Phase 2a under construction and phase 2b under consideration within the planning process. More information on phases 3 to 6 will be provided during winter 2021.