One of Persimmon Homes’ Key values is providing environmental value, which is evident through the improvement biodiversity and ecology at Haverhill known as Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG).

BNG is an approach to development that leaves the natural environment in a better state than before, enhancing habitats for plants, animals, and insects.

Persimmon Homes will currently achieve a 32% increase in the quality of habitats, more than three times the 10% required by the government.

Persimmon Homes have committed to a variety of ecological approaches, contributing towards improving biodiversity;

•Swift, sparrow and bird boxes on every phase

•Enhancing existing areas of retained grassland and hedgerows

•Hibernacula in open areas (Mixture of wood and soil for reptiles to find refuge)

•Bat hops (planting to ensure bats can travel throughout the site)

•Variety of high value habitats (Orchards, scrub planting, meadow grasslands, species- rich hedge).